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May Themes: Building on the Rock

Dinner Talk—The Universal Parable

"All happenings great and small are parables whereby God speaks. The art of life is to get the message. ~Malcolm Muggeridge~

Conversation as a teaching modality in families has presided at mealtime for generations. Until now. In today’s stressful society, everyone is seeking comfort. Here we are, surrounded by plush furnishings, super-abundance of delicious food, the latest electronic marvels, fancy cars, costly apparel, and every need met at the touch of a button. Still, something is missing.

What lack we yet? I draw comfort from our family dinner talks decades ago. And from reading out of the best books— classics, and scriptures. We talked about politics, history, religion, science, literature, the arts. Perhaps there would be a Beethoven sonata playing on the phonograph. It was the most well-rounded education a person could receive.  

But the most precious part of those teaching moments is not expressed in words. There was never any question whether we would show up for dinner. Presence at the family dinner hour was a given— something almost sacred. I never had to worry if Mom and Dad would be there. And when it came to right and wrong, I always knew where they stood.  That foundation gave me something solid to hang onto as I struggled through the years to maturity.  It gave me a legacy to pass on to my children. But is it enough?  For many, deep down, an unnamed hunger remains.

At the Meridian of time, people followed Jesus everywhere, irresistibly drawn to His message. Whether they were few or many, each walked away with that portion of the bread of life that fed his own soul, having connected at last with his divine heritage.

How did the Savior do it? With Parables. He broke bread with His friends. He fed them, taught them parables, and changed their lives. We call this “Dinner Talk.”

Dinner Talk is the archetype parable of the Savior’s ministry. It is the most natural, irresistible form of fellowship—and it builds lasting bonds. It is open to all, whether your table is set with tea and scones, pan y maté, or cookies and milk.

In homes where the Dinner Talk parable is a way of life, family and friends find refuge from society’s cold indifference, or even from hot hostility. All find safety in the fellowship of the King.
Dinner Talk is the universal parable, a metaphor of enduring family unity that can comfort generations, long after we are gone.

Dinner Talk Topic:
Dinner Talk, the archetype parable of the Savior’s ministry, is the universal tradition that unites families and provides a stable foundation for future generations.

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