Friday, May 16, 2014

Memorial Day: Remembering American Hero

Memorial Day Tribute:
Jeremiah Denton, Vietnam War Hero

 As a prisoner of war in Vietnam, this courageous man sent a vital message to America in a unique way. See video below. 
Also, see by the comments which follow, how much the rising generation needs to be taught history. It is ignorance and disrespect like Sebastian's which leads to such great loss of liberty.

Video Jeremiah Denton blinking Morse Code for T-O-R-T-U-R-E


Sebastian B 

Someone can decode what he is saying? If it's "torture", what does he expect giving this message?  


For goodness sake. Are you 5? He was an officer held as a POW for over 7 years experiencing torture on a daily basis and solitary confinement for most of that time. The USA needed to know what was really going on in the POW confinement areas. He took a chance to let them know. He had no way of knowing if anyone else was trying to get word out. This was a chance and he took it. War crimes. Geneva Convention. Get out a history book and start reading. 

Sebastian B reply: 

woow calm down dude!

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