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Christianity, Traditions, and Values

Passing on Christian Traditions and Values

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From American Family Association
By Randall Murphree

Mother and author Cricket Albertson recently talked to AFA Journal editor Randall Murphree about principles for discipling children.

AFA Journal: Why does this issue need to be addressed? Has it not already been done?

Cricket Albertson: The more people we have speaking with and about a passion for Jesus Christ, the better. I am a fourth generation Christian and many of my friends and family are in full time Christian service. Since becoming a mother, my question is: How do we prevent a generational slide that results in a limp and lukewarm faith?

AFAJ: Don't Christian mothers have an innate capacity to pass their faith along to their children? And where is Dad in all this?

CA: I was given opportunity to share my testimony at Come to the Fire Conference, a wonderful holiness women's conference. This book came out of that opportunity, so it is written by a mother to other mothers, but I believe the principles in it apply to fathers and grandparents as well. 

The temptation in our culture is to have our children, settle into parenting, and begin looking for the next adventure: ministry, food, exercise or other things to bring fulfillment. And the early commitment to be an opportunity for God in the home wanes a little bit.

Fathers may be the most important spiritual influence in the home because they represent the love and security of God the Father. If they image Him well, children are blessed, and if not, children are deeply wounded. But I do believe that mothers have a vital role to play in daily nurturing their children in the faith.

AFAJ: Do we get absolute promises from your book?

CA: No, it is not a "how-to" book. In fact, my children are 12, 10 and 8, so we are very much on a journey of joy as we seek God's design for our family. This book simply records some of God's teaching and dealings with our family.

Want to pass on your family values to your children?

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