Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Abortion, Supreme Court, and Roe v. Wade

Supreme Court Ruling Admits Roe v. Wade Abortions Can Be Bypassed

End Abortion on Demand; Help Congress Overturn Roe v. Wade Video



A simple piece of legislation to bring the “legal” definition of life in line with the biological, in effect, bypassing Roe v. Wade

Sign petition to help end abortion-on-demand once and for all.

Dear Concerned American,

I've prepared a brief but urgent video regarding breaking news in the fight to overturn Roe v. Wade in our nation.

Please take a moment to listen to my urgent message by
clicking here.

After you listen, please sign the petition to finally end abortion on demand.


Rand Paul,
U.S. Senator (R-KY)
Thank you for briefing me on the National Pro-Life Alliance's campaign to pass a Life at Conception Act which will reverse Roe v. Wade and end abortion on demand.

The Supreme Court itself said in Roe that once Congress establishes the personhood of unborn children, they must be protected by the 14th Amendment.

Since the Supreme Court is waiting for someone to tell them who the law counts as persons, let’s not wait another minute!

To help in the battle for a Life at Conception Act, please sign the petition and donate if you can.

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  1. The same people that cry when a criminal is sentenced to death for a senseless murder..Are the same people who give those a pass and say it is not your fault for being an immoral, having no morals, getting the dirty diseases, not your fault..They are the same people who believe they don't have to work if they don't want to, the same people who think the gov. will support them so they don't starve or live in the streets..but no one can make them work..they are the same people who believe the pedophiles should get another chance to be free, they just need another chance, give them another chance...And then we have the same group of people, but mostly women, who vote for abortion, and say they are voting for Liberties, for her civil rights..civil rights for women.

    Unbelievable..I say it hurts me,an innocent baby,a sweet baby just killed..just like that..killed..for what??

    REALLY -


    A bit further - What too often happens:

    Without guiding principles you have no moral compass.

    With no moral compass, all paths seem of near equal value. Since there are more wasteful paths than worthwhile ones, chances are, you’ll wind up pursuing something wasteful.
    (This is living reactively).

    Because you have no guiding principles or moral compass, you have no means whereby to measure yourself.